What Is Aquariumwolf?

Hello There,

Welcome to Aquariumwolf!

It’s a lovely place for all hobbyist fish keepers or aquarists. Aquariumwolf is operated by a team of expert people with extensive knowledge in aquarium maintenance, fish keeping, fish breeding, food behavior, etc., and many more.

Our team includes oceanographers, experienced aquarists, Ichthyologists, and environmental scientists. We have gathered all of them together to offer practical, real-life tips and training advice to assist you in caring for your aquarium practices.

Whether you’re keeping freshwater, brackish, or marine fishes in your aquarium, we have provided specific guidelines for everything.

Who We Are?

Clifton Ervin

Clifton Ervin is this site’s chief editor and founder, Aquariumwolf. He completed his graduation in marine biology and became an Ichthyologist. When Ervin was a kid, he was passionate about fish kept in an aquarium.

And the interesting thing was when other kids were bragging about their new toys and pets, Clifton was bragging about his latest bluegill fish. Even Clifton chose marine biology when he became a university student, and after graduation, he chose his profession as Ichthyologist.

Alongside aquarium keeping, his other hobby is talking about fish keeping, breeding, food behavior, etc., and much more relevant to aquarium maintenance. He created this site Aquariumwolf, to share his 20 years+ of experience and knowledge with all new to this journey.

William C. Carson

William is an oceanographer and an experienced aquarist. And he is the head of our research and investigation team. As an ocean scientist and experienced aquarist, he has in-depth knowledge about all types of aquarium fishes, their lifestyle, behavior, food habits, etc.

Because of Williams’s huge experience and knowledge about aquarium fishes and their maintenance, we have hired him to our team and made him the head of the investigation team. Under his guidance, the whole team conducts their surveys.

Robert D. Tate

Robert is a professional copywriter and chief of our writing team. He started his writing career about twelve years ago after graduating in Linguistics and journalism. During this long period, he worked for many renowned magazine firms, news portals, blogs, websites, and publications. Now he is working with us full-time as the head of our writing team.

Our Product Testing Methodology

Since you rely on us for the most reliable information and authentic product, we give 100% to accomplish that. We have designed a well-organized product review system that filters out the market’s best products.

To carry out all the processes, we divided our team members into individual small groups. Then we assigned a specific task to each group, and later we accumulated all the findings together and prepared our product review.

In our product testing methodology, our first job is to investigate the product market and study the novelties of the product. A group of team members does the task and preliminary selecting the top products of the best brands.

Once we initially select the products, our editorial team sorts out their key features, separates them based on their core features, and makes a final list of the products for review.

After preparing the list of the final products, we study the real-buyers reviews of these products and note down all the pros and cons of our selected products. It helps us find the most appropriate products with a higher value for their consumers.

Next, we rank our selected products according to their features, and the best products get the highest rank. Once products are organized rank-wise, our editorial panel handed all the research and findings data to the writing team to prepare an in-detail review with complete buying guidelines.


Fact-checking or data cross-checking is one of the most crucial stages in our product review process. We ensure every single product review goes through the fact-checking procedure. While investigating, collecting data, and analyzing, it’s pretty natural to make mistakes and to overcome this issue, fact-checking is the best process.

It helps us to quickly identify our unintentional mistakes and fix them within no time. Plus, it boosts our confidence to a higher level as the process ensures that all the information we have provided is errorless and free from mistakes.

Editorial Guidelines

We are committed to protecting your trust as long as you keep your faith in us. However, you’ll be glad to know that for our every single task, there is a strong editorial guideline. And our team members strictly obey all the rules and procedures to ensure an errorless output.