What Are The Common Aquarium Driftwood Problems?

Aquarium Driftwood Problems

People just don’t put fish inside their aquariums. Driftwood is just another addition to make the tank more habitat-worthy for the fish. Properly placed driftwood increases the beauty of the aquarium and gives space for the fish to hide. However, some aquarium driftwood problems can be annoying and harmful to your fish. Common problems with … Read more

Why Is My Snail Not Moving?- Here’s What To Do!

Why Is My Snail Not Moving - - Here’s What To Do

The first instinct when you notice a motionless snail is to think it’s dead. But it might not be true. That’s because snails like to stick to one object for a long time. However, if the snail doesn’t show any activity for quite some time, something’s wrong. However, your aquatic snail might not be moving … Read more

Can Fish Eat Chocolate? – Why Or Why Not?

Can Fish Eat Chocolate - Why Or Why Not

Unlike dogs or cats, fish owners can’t share their favorite snacks with their pets. But that doesn’t stop owners from trying and sharing treats with the fish. And it includes chocolates as well. But the question is: can fish eat chocolate? Fish can eat chocolates and digest them without much hassle once or twice. But, … Read more

Can You Put Corals In a Freshwater Tank?

Can You Put Corals In a Freshwater Tank

Hey fish lovers! As you are here, you are not only concerned about the health of your aquarium fish, but you also want to decorate your fish tank attractively, right? That’s why you need to know which decorative materials are harmful to your fish to keep them safe. One common question popping up in almost … Read more

Fishkeeping 101: Can I Put Warm Water to a Fish Tank?

Can I Put Warm Water to a Fish Tank

Fishes, be it wild or aquarium, are prone to sudden water temperature changes. That’s what makes a fish keeper meticulous at monitoring the temperature of a fish tank. It could be your broken water heater or temperature fall, and you don’t even know what your next move is. Well, in most cases, sudden (gradual too) … Read more