Does Blue Light Cause Algae? What You Must Know

Does Blue Light Cause Algae

Algae could be a cause of concern for aquarium owners. These marine plants can occupy the space your fish need and create a dirty-looking environment. Questions have been asked about the role of aquarium lighting in the growth of algae. Some of these questions are, does blue light cause algae? Should I leave the blue … Read more

Fishkeeping Hacks: How Do I Get Rid of Nematodes in Aquarium?

Nematodes in Aquarium

It does not matter what kind of fish species you are keeping in your aquarium, saltwater and freshwater fish can have nematode worms. Although indeed, it is not possible to prevent the growth of nematodes entirely, the fish suffering due to nematodes may be treated. But before finding out how to treat nematode worms, you … Read more

How to Hang Pothos In Aquarium?

How to Hang Pothos In Aquarium

When it comes to being an aquarist, having a digital aquarium guide can do wonders! Be it for your own ease of maintenance or simply to provide for your fishes in a better way, keeping in touch with a few blogs here and there can surely be a relief. Now, in terms of growing plants … Read more

Toxic Plants For Betta Fish: Owners Must Avoid

Toxic Plants For Betta Fish

Are you thinking of adding betta fishes to your collection? If yes, you must consider the water chemistry and the kind of plants in the aquarium. Plants contribute to the water chemistry and the overall health of the fish. Some plants help with water purification and serve as food and shade for the fish. However, … Read more