Where to Place Air Stone in Aquarium?

Where to Place Air Stone In Aquarium

You may wonder how fish breathe under oceans, rivers, and ponds because they need oxygen for survival just like we do! Actually, fishes under those places can breathe because of a natural process called “surface agitation” which ensures “gas exchange”; taking oxygen in and reducing carbon dioxide out of the water. But in the aquarium, … Read more

8 Hard Water Aquarium Plants That Survive No Matter What

Hard Water Aquarium Plants

Aquariums aren’t really aquariums without natural vegetation and plants, right? Well, that’s why fish in the aquarium love it when there are more plants in the water. But, it’s really hard to maintain plants in the aquarium if your water is hard water. So, you might be wondering which hard water aquarium plants you should … Read more

What To Feed Bluegill In An Aquarium?

What To Feed Bluegill In An Aquarium

We know that bluegill fishes look extremely stunning in a home aquarium. But did you know the beauty of your aquarium depends on how you nurture your fish? Yes, healthy fish means a gorgeous aquarium. So, if you want to keep your bluegill fish healthy, you must correctly know what to feed bluegill in an … Read more

How To Clean Aquarium Rocks Of Algae? [Complete Guide]

How To Clean Algae From Aquarium Rocks

The formation of algae in the fish tank is a sign that the environment inside the tank is typical. But when it becomes excessive, it will cause problems for the aquarium’s inhabitants. Mainly, the formation is quite common on decorative aquarium rocks. Hence, there might be a question that arises in your curious mind: how … Read more

Aquarium Blue Light: All You Need To Know About

Aquarium Blue Light

LEDs inside the aquarium add a unique flair for ambiance and appearance. But there’s more to it as such lighting benefits the inhabitants inside by keeping the environment healthy. The aquarium blue light acts as the perfect alternative to the moonlight. It encourages the physical activity of the fish inside. Also, it creates a shimmer … Read more