Can Fish Eat Apples? Know the Real Truth!

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“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” – the saying’s not hanging around for no reason for centuries. This old quote always reminds us of the importance of apples for human health. Undoubtedly, apples are a rich source of fiber and antioxidants which are very helpful for our health.

Eating them every day can reduce the risks of various serious diseases like – stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, and different types of cancers. So, if you are an apple lover, you are ahead of others in meeting the nutritional demands of human health.

But are apples healthy for fish as well?  There are lots of misperceptions about feeding apples to the fish. Among those stereotypes, there is a common belief that apples are not nutritious enough for the diet process of fish. So, a huge number of fish keepers stay in doubt about whether they can feed apples to their fish or not. Hopefully, this writing will be helpful to clear their doubts.

Can Fish Eat Apples?

Surely, fish can eat apples. The nutritional values of apples are important for fish as well as human health. So, if you feed apples to the fish properly, they can easily ingest and avail the nutrition from apples. Another interesting fact on this matter is that fish also enjoy eating apples. And if you become capable to make the diet process of the fish enjoyable, fishkeeping becomes easier.

Can Fish Eat Apples

Is Feeding Apple to Fish Safe?

Yes, you can feed Apple to fish without any kinds of hesitation. There are no such food values in apples that can damage fish health. They are full of nutritional values that can not only boost the human immune system but help fish too.

As apples contain vitamins, fibers, minerals, and nutrients, all of these elements are necessary for the well-being of fish. The food values of apples include antioxidants. These make fish capable to fight several infectious viruses and other micro bacteria.

Moreover, there are multiple types of ‘B’ vitamins in apples such as vitamins B¹, B², and B⁶. Vitamin B¹ helps in disrupting carbohydrates. On the other hand, vitamin B² and B⁶ make the digestion process better. Also, apples contain a high level of calories and sugar.

The food elements of apples include vitamin C and Potassium. Vitamin C helps in case of repairing tissue whereas potassium is beneficial for regulating fluid balance in the body. So, there are lots of nutritional factors to feeding apples to fish.

Step By Step Process Of Feeding Apple To Fish

Though you can serve apples to fish, there are few processes of feeding. Fish cannot eat hard peeled or skinned food, let alone digest! So, for making their diet and digestion process easier, apples must be peeled, sliced into smaller pieces, and cooked and boiled. The full procedure of serving apples to fish is explained below:

1. Choosing of Apples

Ripe apples should be chosen for preparing meals of fish. We have to select those apples which are not attacked by insects and diseases. Also, there must not be any kind of chunks on the skin of the apples. Freshwater is required to clean the apples. This will help to save apples from different types of detrimental bacteria and viruses from the exterior part of apples.

Choosing of Apples

2. Peeling the Apples

As apples have hard skin, it becomes very difficult for fish to have and digest apples. Despite having sensitive digestive systems, they cannot digest hard kinds of stuff like fruit skin. So, we must peel apples before serving.

Peeling the Apples

From various observations, the experts have found that hard things can lead fish to severe health problems like constipation. In addition, the exterior part of apples can cause suffocation for fish which can lead them to death as they are stuck in the digestive organ.

3. Softening the Apples

Fish can digest soft foods easily. So, providing soft food is a must task for fish keepers. They have to utilize a controlled heat for this process.

There are two ways to further smooth and soften the apple. The first one is to place the apples in bloomy water for one hour. And the second one is to use an oven to heat the apples sinking in liquid. The process requires a bowl with half a cup of water in it.

Sometimes, apple skins are tender enough to feed. In these cases, you can make them eat without going through any boiling process for the apples.

4. Cutting the Apples

As the mouth of the fish is not so big, and it inclines to the shortage of a stomach, small slices of the apples should be offered to the fish so that they can be able to befit in that space.

So, you have to chop apples into tiny slices. It will make the digestion process comfortable for them. Also, it is necessary to keep in mind that fish cannot digest apple seeds. So, you need to put them out before serving,

After maintaining all these processes, put the chopped slices in your fish’s water tank. Few chopped pieces are enough to meet the nutritional requirements. Also, there should be no pieces left like trash in the water tank. Leftover pieces of apples can vitiate the living space of fish which will make the survival of fish very complicated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fish fond of Apples?

Fish prefer to eat various kinds of human foods such as fruits, vegetables, etc. It cannot be said that the apple is a loving food among fish. However, it provides lots of impactful nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to them which help in the growth and development of the body. Also, feeding apples is a good way to replace fish’s routine meals. Maintaining variation among foods is a healthy feeding process.

How Often Do Feed Apples to Fish?

As apples have various necessary nutrients and vitamins, which are highly favorable to the fish’s health and growth, apples can be fed two times a week for ensuring a balanced and nutritional food routine.

Quantity of Apple to Feed a Fish?

It is important not to overfeed apples to the fish. As if they can eat more than two or three slices of apple! This quantity is enough for fish to eat, and get all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

What does a fish diet consist of?

Ans: Fish Diet consists of fruits, vegetables, flakes, and pellets.

Can I feed apples to Goldfish?

Ans: Yes, you can because Goldfish eat apples. They eat various human foods including vegetables and fruits. So, you can feed apples to fish.

Final Words

So, as you have known that fish can eat apples, you can feed apples to your fish. Just make sure that you maintain the feeding process properly like cutting them into tiny slices and making sure to soften them enough for the fish to digest without any trouble.

Hi, this is your friend Clifton Ervin, the founder and chief editor of this site, Aquariumwolf. I completed my graduation in marine biology and became an Ichthyologist. One of my favorite hobbies is aquarium keeping; therefore, I love to talk about fish keeping, breeding, food behavior, etc., and much more relevant to aquarium maintenance. I have created this site Aquariumwolf, to share my 20 years+ of experience and knowledge with all new to this journey.

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