Can Koi And Goldfish Breed? Learn How To Culture A New Breed

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Those of us who pet fish in fish tanks, get a lot of questions in our minds. If you pet Koi and Goldfish then you definitely want the answer to the question, ‘Can koi and goldfish breed?’.

Yes, you can breed both goldfish and koi carp. If you keep both of these fishes in a pond, you may notice some babies are different. In the juvenile stage, the appearance will be hideous with gray or black shades.

As they gain age, they will gain an orange hue. Those are basically the cross-breed of koi carp and goldfish. Most importantly, these cross-breed fishes may or may not have barbels since goldfish do not have any barbels. Small barbels are also common.

However, today we shall talk about the total solutions regarding the breeding process of goldfish and koi carp.

Can Koi And Goldfish Breed? — Steps You Need To Follow To Release A Cross Breed

The koi carp and goldfish are fantastic fish that every fish keeper loves to have. Moreover, they are tutorial fishes that will teach you about the utter caring methods of the rest of the aquarium fishes.

Can Koi And Goldfish Breed

General Facts:

However, goldfish and koi carp are great combinations to breed. But we may not perceive any cross-breed fishes naturally, but if lucky. Therefore, you can adapt the artificial way to produce cross-breed fishes.

Here are the steps you can follow to breed.

Determine The Female Goldfish:

When purchasing goldfish for your aquarium, you must determine the gender first. You must observe the body parts of the goldfish.

In addition, it is more beneficial to purchase old goldfish with egg-laying abilities. Though it takes two years to be fully grown, goldfish do not lay eggs until they are 5 or 6 years old.

Determine The Female Goldfish

So, it would help if you chose the goldfish wisely.

Set up The Environment:

Goldfish require plenty of space that can consist of at least 60 liters of water. In nature, goldfish lay eggs on objects like tree roots.

Other than that, goldfish will never be stress-free to release the eggs. Now, you must make the tank vibrant with bogwood or similar artificial products.

Number Of Female Goldfish:

A female goldfish may have problems regarding the reproduction system. So, if you purchase one to reproduce, it may fail. The ideal idea to perceive eggs is to purchase at least three goldfish. Now you can expect eggs.

Water Conditioning:

Water conditioning maintains a vital role in the reproductive system. And three elements are the primitives: oxygen level, pH, and temperature.

An air pump with two channels and effective diffusers can serve adequate oxygen to the water. And to control the temperature, you may need to use a heater if you are in a cold country.

The ideal temperature for goldfish is 68° to 72° Celsius. It will help if you keep monitoring and controlling the temperature. Lastly, the pH level, you have to maintain an ideal pH level. The adequate pH level is 7 to 8.5.

Select The Mature Koi Carp:

After the goldfish, you must select the koi carp to donate sperm and fertilize the eggs. The mean age of a male koi carp is 1.5 to 2 years, which will provide you with a good amount of sperm.

Separate The Eggs:

After the goldfish releases the eggs, you must separate the eggs into a bowl. This step requires plenty of careful handling. If your movement is rushed on the eggs, they may become destroyed. So, carefully separate the eggs.

Stimulate The Koi Carp And Perceive Sperm:

After keeping the eggs in a bowl, take the male koi carp and stimulate them to release the potential sperm in the bowl.

Similar to eggs, you can’t be hard on the male koi carp. Otherwise, the sperm you will get may not be enough to fertilize the eggs.

Stimulate The Koi Carp And Perceive Sperm

Stir The Eggs With Sperm:

After releasing the sperm into the bowl of eggs, you must mix all the eggs with sperm. This is a pretty time-consuming process since you have to do it slowly.

After mixing the eggs, put the eggs in the breeding tank and wait for 5 to 7 days. You will experience the fish fries in your tank.


You need to maintain several aspects when you release eggs mixed with sperm.

  1. The tank must be spacious, 100-liter tank at least.
  2. Firstly, the oxygen level. The breeding tank must be full of oxygen. You can use a two-channel pump to flow air for 100 liters of water.
  3. Secondly, maintain the pH level. It must be constant and lay between 7.5 to 8.
  4. Lastly, the temperate. It must lie between 68° to 75° Celsius.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, koi carp and goldfish breeders, here are some questions from some of the people from your group. Hopefully, it will help you in the long run of the breeding process.

Can goldfish breed with other fish?

In a pond with a wide variety of aquarium fishes, a goldfish can breed with other fishes if it finds eggs similar to its eggs.

However, it is not that prevalent. Generally, when two different types of fishes lay eggs nearby, one male sperm can make the other breed’s eggs fertile.

Can you mix goldfish and koi in a pond?

Yes, you can keep goldfish and koi carp in a single pond. But it would help if you kept in mind that the space should be adequate.

Generally, a couple of koi and a pair of goldfish require 100 gallons of water to live happily. You can keep both in the same pond if you have enough space.

Can koi breed in an aquarium?

It is utterly difficult to make koi breed in an aquarium. For this, you need a tank with at least 300 liters capacity. Moreover, it would help if you used a moderate wave producer to generate waves in the tank that will make the koi carp stress free.

Maintaining the breeding requirements in an aquarium is not efficient; therefore, a small pond is better than an aquarium to let koi carp breed.


After all the steps are followed orderly, you will perceive the fish fries that will be from both genes. Can koi and goldfish breed? To answer this, we must say yes.

But these breeds will require extra care like goldfish, whereas koi carp is a sturdy fish that one can keep. Moreover, you can perceive a wide variety of fish fries.

Some may have barbels like koi carp, some may have no barbels, and some may have small barbels. You can also experience different body shapes in the fishes.

Hi, this is your friend Clifton Ervin, the founder and chief editor of this site, Aquariumwolf. I completed my graduation in marine biology and became an Ichthyologist. One of my favorite hobbies is aquarium keeping; therefore, I love to talk about fish keeping, breeding, food behavior, etc., and much more relevant to aquarium maintenance. I have created this site Aquariumwolf, to share my 20 years+ of experience and knowledge with all new to this journey.

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