A Must-Read Guide On Ideal TDS For Aquarium

Ideal TDS For Aquarium

The total dissolved solids (TDS) are simply a summation of the substances dissolved in water. These substances are both organic and inorganic. For aquarists, it might be puzzling to decide on the ideal TDS for aquarium, but you can measure it with the right tools. The ideal range for aquarium TDS is approximately 400-450PPM for … Read more

Fishkeeping Hacks: How Do I Get Rid of Nematodes in Aquarium?

Nematodes in Aquarium

It does not matter what kind of fish species you are keeping in your aquarium, saltwater and freshwater fish can have nematode worms. Although indeed, it is not possible to prevent the growth of nematodes entirely, the fish suffering due to nematodes may be treated. But before finding out how to treat nematode worms, you … Read more

How to Hang Pothos In Aquarium?

How to Hang Pothos In Aquarium

When it comes to being an aquarist, having a digital aquarium guide can do wonders! Be it for your own ease of maintenance or simply to provide for your fishes in a better way, keeping in touch with a few blogs here and there can surely be a relief. Now, in terms of growing plants … Read more

8 Reasons of Why Are My Aquarium Plants Melting? (with Solutions)

why are my aquarium plants melting

As an amateur aquarist, you know how eye-soothing and aesthetic your freshwater aquarium looks with healthy aquatic plants. Plants also play a crucial role in your aquarium by providing your fish with shelter as well as a place to breed. Well, the biggest benefit of having real aquarium plants is that they produce oxygen and … Read more

Pothos Plant In Aquarium – Everything You Need To Know

Pothos Plant In Aquarium Everything You Need To Know

A fish tank in your house is a lucky and prosperous symbol. You may add beauty and air purification to your aquarium by adding pothos. Additionally, it is becoming a typical plant included in aquarium decor. They are incredibly advantageous and simple to spread. But is the aquarium’s pothos plant a wise choice? Pothos plants … Read more

Where to Place Air Stone in Aquarium?

Where to Place Air Stone In Aquarium

You may wonder how fish breathe under oceans, rivers, and ponds because they need oxygen for survival just like we do! Actually, fishes under those places can breathe because of a natural process called “surface agitation” which ensures “gas exchange”; taking oxygen in and reducing carbon dioxide out of the water. But in the aquarium, … Read more