Can Fish Eat Apples? Know the Real Truth!

Can Fish Eat Apples

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” – the saying’s not hanging around for no reason for centuries. This old quote always reminds us of the importance of apples for human health. Undoubtedly, apples are a rich source of fiber and antioxidants which are very helpful for our health. Eating them every day can … Read more

Do Shrimp Eat Phytoplankton? – Learn All

Nutritional Value Of Phytoplankton For Shrimp

A shrimp eats what comes towards them. If it fits in a shrimp’s mouth, shrimps start swallowing it. It can be any living creature like animals, plants or any waste that comes from fish. Hence, shrimp eats phytoplankton. Nonetheless, phytoplankton is a tiny plant that floats; most importantly, it is a one-celled plant.  So, shrimp … Read more

Why Is My Fish Spitting Out Food When Eating?

why is my fish spitting out food

The fish taking food in the fish tank is an exciting scenery. But most fish keepers don’t know about aquarium fish’s food habits or don’t spend minimum time watching them. Do you know, sometimes fish don’t eat the tasty morsels popped by you in the fish tank and even may spit it out from their … Read more

What To Feed Bluegill In An Aquarium?

What To Feed Bluegill In An Aquarium

We know that bluegill fishes look extremely stunning in a home aquarium. But did you know the beauty of your aquarium depends on how you nurture your fish? Yes, healthy fish means a gorgeous aquarium. So, if you want to keep your bluegill fish healthy, you must correctly know what to feed bluegill in an … Read more