Overweight Fishes: Can Fish Get Fat?

Can A Fish Get Fat

The size of a fish tends to increase over a period. This can be due to some factors, ranging from overfeeding and some abnormalities. However, the occurrence could make you ask some questions such as, can fish get fat? Why is my beta fish looking bloated, or why is the stomach swollen? It is uncommon … Read more

Does Blue Light Cause Algae? What You Must Know

Does Blue Light Cause Algae

Algae could be a cause of concern for aquarium owners. These marine plants can occupy the space your fish need and create a dirty-looking environment. Questions have been asked about the role of aquarium lighting in the growth of algae. Some of these questions are, does blue light cause algae? Should I leave the blue … Read more

Black Goldfish Turning Orange – You Need to Take Action

Black Goldfish Turning Orange

If you love to pet black-colored fishes, here is the optimal and prevalent option for you: the black moors goldfish. With the round belly and velvety tails with fins, it can amaze you with its moves and tinder behaviors. One natural phenomenon creates mystification enormously. And raises questions like why are black goldfish turning orange. … Read more

Why Is My Fish Body Bent? – Is It A Disease Or Genetic Disorder?

Why Is My Fish Body Bent

Our aquarium or tank requires attention for at least 30 mins a day. If you spend the least time observing the fish, you can only notice the problems they are facing. Fishes are living creatures; like humans, they can also suffer from different health issues. However, today we are going to answer your question, ‘why … Read more