Overweight Fishes: Can Fish Get Fat?

Can A Fish Get Fat

The size of a fish tends to increase over a period. This can be due to some factors, ranging from overfeeding and some abnormalities. However, the occurrence could make you ask some questions such as, can fish get fat? Why is my beta fish looking bloated, or why is the stomach swollen? It is uncommon … Read more

Does Blue Light Cause Algae? What You Must Know

Does Blue Light Cause Algae

Algae could be a cause of concern for aquarium owners. These marine plants can occupy the space your fish need and create a dirty-looking environment. Questions have been asked about the role of aquarium lighting in the growth of algae. Some of these questions are, does blue light cause algae? Should I leave the blue … Read more

Black Goldfish Turning Orange – You Need to Take Action

Black Goldfish Turning Orange

It is not a rare scene that a black moors goldfish turns into an orange color. However, there are several reasons behind this color-changing process. But the most likely cause is age. Generally, black moors goldfishes have information regarding this color-changing process in their DNA. As a result, their color changing starts when they gain … Read more

Why Is My Fish Body Bent? – Is It A Disease Or Genetic Disorder?

Why Is My Fish Body Bent

Several reasons are behind this curved body. The general sense is the curved skeleton. The prime reason behind this deformation is the infection. It can be either in the spine directly or in the organs. When a fish suffers from Gram-positive mycobacteria, the body starts bending. Without a proper set of treatments, it continues and … Read more