Why Are My Snails Dying? All The Problems Related To Snails With Solution

Why Are My Snails Dying

If you are someone who pets snails, then you may have been in situations where you have questions like, ‘Why are my snails dying?’. Snails are pretty sensitive creatures. Generally, we keep snails in a planted aquarium due to their living requirements. It always requires the perfect water condition to survive. However, there are plenty … Read more

What Do Baby Snails Look Like in an Aquarium?

What Do Baby Snails Look Like

A baby snail is a fantastic thing. You can easily nurture it in your aquarium or fish tank, which enhances your aquarium’s beauty. The snails are sluggish creatures. Their babies usually look like little colorful dots in the aquarium, but they are attractive for their bright colors and cute appearance. So, what do baby snails … Read more